Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bambi Redux

Bambi Redux

Bambi (Walt Disney Studios, June 6, 2017, 78 minutes, Rated G), first reviewed in DogEvals here.

Bonus Extras

Now that I have had time to view the extras that come with the Blu-Ray version of newly-released Bambi (had to go to a friend’s house), I have returned to tell you again just how wonderful an experience this has been in reliving Bambi.

Would you believe you will spend more time watching the Bonus Extras than you did watching the animated version of Bambi? What a deal! So many extras that I can’t recall them all – a couple of short animated flicks, several interviews, watching the artists at work (fascinating for your budding young creator).

Bambi is a classic that took five years to create and has withstood the test of time. Walt Disney was not only incredibly creative but also a perfectionist: the Disney staff studied the movement of real deer (and fawns), and bunnies like Thumper, and skunks like the shy Flower and all the other characters. The artists also watched a drop of water falling over and over again so they could make the rain more realistic.


Donald Dunagan*, the voice of young Bambi, hid his claim to fame during his adult life until it was rediscovered in 2004. You would too if you became the youngest ever Marine Corps drill instructor and rose to the rank of major. In the military, we are often given nicknames that stick with us into civilian life – how would you like your commanding officer to answer to the call of “Bambi!” (Bronze Star, Purple Hearts, tours in Vietnam)


We here at DogEvals cannot more enthusiastically recommend revisiting Bambi with your kids or grandkids. They will ooh and ah and you will be amazed all over again at the cute little things you never noticed before plus the marvelous watercolor 3D backgrounds.

However, . . . .

The only drawback we could find was when we tried to download the movie with our secret code: it ‘took’ but didn’t like our browser (“We are working on a solution.”) and when we tried another browser, we were told that we had already accessed our digital version. One disappointed child could not watch Bambi on TV, computer, tablet, phone or console – only using the DVD/Blu-Ray itself. Poor little spoiled kid. . . .

*for the major part of his childhood from the age of 3 ½ to 13, Dunagan was his family’s main breadwinner.

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