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Book Review: Dozer's Run (half-marathon, Maryland dog)

Dozer’s Run: The Story of a Dog and His Race, by Debbie Levy and Rosana Panza (Sleeping Bear Press, 2014, $17.99, 32 pages, ages 6-9, grades 1-4 [especially grade 3])

What do we like best about Dozer’s Run? Is it the lovely story or the cute and curvy alliterations on trees and grass or the wrap-around cover illustration or the fact that it’s true and you can find Dozer in our county library AND that it actually happened in the next town over to us? Maybe it is all of that.

Just maybe this is a case where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – though the sum of the parts is a pretty high number all on its own!

Unlikely Runner, Last-Minute ‘Entrant’ – An Accidental Race Debut

Dozer’s Run is the story of how an underdog became a wonderdog. Dozer was the last of his litter to leave home but became world-known – all because he was curious and liked running. And playing Follow the Leader. And clapping. And cheering. And new friends - lots of new friends.

Dozer lived near Mile 5 of the Maryland Half-Marathon in 2011 when he saw many of the 2000 runners running past his house in the country. Playing outside with his canine buddy, Chica, Dozer thought the runners were having more fun so he ran through his electronic invisible fence (“Ouch!”) and joined the race for over two hours of running – and, on the way, managed to raise more money than any other runner for cancer research!

Dozer Running the Half-Marathon
Outrunning Cancer in Two Hours and Fourteen Minutes: Dozer’s Dash

He had run, and played tag with new friends, and chased others to a personal best. He encouraged all who ran with him and they gave him smiles (and took selfies) in return.

Dozer somehow found his way back home the next morning, very tired but very happy to see his family who had been frantically searching for him. At the vet’s, he was diagnosed with exhaustion and four sore paws. He ate a big breakfast and slept for two days!

Goldendoodle Becomes Worldwide Local Celebrity Fundraiser

Dozer is a dog. Of course!

That day, Dozer took a step to help others. And then another. And another until he finished the half marathon with 2000 new friends and worldwide recognition. Watch him on ABC News here, crossing the Finish Line with four muddy paws, and receiving his medal.
One Proud Dozer Dog Receiving his Finisher's Medal!

Since his first (and last) race, Dozer has become a super canine cheerleader for cancer patients and runners alike. Although our favorite dog was at the race in 2012 he played the role of a cheerleader with his own Dozer’s Dog House. If he runs again, he will have his own bib number: K9.

And More

DogEvals also loves the soft watercolor-like illustrations with dog and runners literally running off the page and when they aren’t, we see what’s important – running feet and a whole dog, tail a flyin’

Dozer Says,

Dozer says if he can run a half-marathon, you too can do anything! If you chase something wonderful, you, too can win it, whether it’s a medal or breakfast.

Dozer invites you to like his Facebook page, Dozer The Dog’s Fan Page.

Caveat: You can check out Dozer’s Run at the Howard County, MD, public libraries.

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