Monday, June 12, 2017

To Shave (Your Dog) or Not to Shave: That is the Question (and here is the answer)

A Dog’s Coat of Many Colors

Awesome Dog Adaptations: Fur Coat

“A dog’s coat is pretty amazing. Aside from being soft to pet, it serves a serious function. You may have seen a big fluffy dog walking on a hot day and thought, ‘That poor dog. It must be so hot!’ But dogs’ coats act just like insulation on a home: they keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

“So, don’t be too quick to shave your dog in the warmer months. Without their coat to help cool them down, they may be more prone to overheating. Also, their hair protects their sensitive skin from getting sunburned.”

Quote from Puppy Love (True Stories of Doggie Devotion)(to be reviewed shortly), by Lisa Gerry (National Geographic, 2014, 160 pages, $12.99, ages 10 and up, grades 5 and up), page 124

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