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And the Winner at Westminster is . . . !

EverythingDogBlog #28
(This blog first appeared on on February 13, 2013.)
America's favorite dog turns out to be a non-American but a top banana, nevertheless, from The Netherlands.
EverythingDogBlog: And the Winner at Westminster is. . . . !
by Skye Anderson, MS
America’s favorite dog turns out to be a non-American but a top banana, nevertheless, from The Netherlands.
I woke up early this morning and turned the radio on to find out the results of Best in Show (we don’t have TV so we couldn’t watch it last night) and heard, “And the top story in the news this morning is. . . . .(and I filled it in with, “The  winner from last night’s Westminster Dog Show is. . . .” ) but then I heard that the top story this morning was the traffic slowdown in Washington, DC, around Bladensburg Road and New York Avenue!
What? That jolted me awake quicker than a cup of caffeine!
I finally heard about the little black veteran Affenpinscher #9 from The Netherlands (he speaks German, Dutch, Spanish and English), truly a dark horse, Grand Champion Banana Joe V Tani Kazari! Banana Joe didn’t monkey around this time, according to The Journal News, after spending three years living, training and showing in Pennsylvania. (see photo)
The Reserve (2nd place dog) also made news – young (less than 2 years old) Old English Sheepdog #11 Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect in only his 4th dog show ever (this is the first time, Westminster has been open to non-champions like the Reserve because more dogs can be accommodated during the day competition at the Piers than at Madison Square Garden). (see photo)
David Frei, the Voice of Westminster for the past 20 years, had predicted 5 dogs to shine – a German Wirehaired Pointer, an English Springer Spaniel, a Black Cocker Spaniel, a Wire Fox Terrier, and a Doberman – only one of whom (the GWP) made it to the finals. I guess this just goes to show you that a dog show has more losers (2720) than winners (1) and may be more subjective than the Superbowl (by a lot – more like figure skating).
And my prognostication that a low numbered dog should win (number 1-5 in each of 187 breeds being the top ranked in the country with the other numbers assigned by lottery) was also blown to smithereens. Of the 7 dogs in the finals, their numbers were 5, 9, 11, 10 27 (Portuguese Water Dog #27 who may have had the State of the Union Address and Bo on his radar), and number 6 but there was one #1 (the Bichon).
I miss Westminster already. Guess I’ll just have to go up again next year! Join me?
In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes open, hoping to see my second-ever Affenpinscher!
(Photos: Top banana, Banana Joe, wins at Westminster - credit JGrassa/And a young Old English Sheepdog from the United States is declared Reserve - credit JGrassa)

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