Friday, March 15, 2013

Good, Better, Best, Bestest - Omission. Pit Bulls Rock Just for Fun Meeting Zuma

EverythingDogBlog #31
EverythingDogBlog #31: Good, Better, Best, Bestest – Oops, an Omission. Pit Bulls Rock! Just For Fun. Meet Zuma!
by Skye Anderson, MS
1. Pit Bull Protects Boy
The GOOD news is that the 3-year-old boy lost in the 30-degree Iowa winter weather last Monday, February 25, was found nearly an hour after his mother notified police that he was missing.
The BETTER news is that he was with his best friend, a large brown pit bull, about a quarter-mile from home.
The BEST news is that the dog was protecting his boy not only from the elements (probably) but also from strangers and would not allow the sheriff to come near them.
The BESTEST news is that the sheriff could read the dog’s body language, understood what the dog was trying to tell him. He respected what the dog was ‘saying’ and contacted the boy’s father to come for the dog so the boy could be whisked off to the hospital for a check-up. According to Harline Larkey, Colorado dog trainer (, “A rational, respectful approach. Thumbs up!”  
Boy and dog are doing fine. The parents were relieved and overjoyed. The boy was curious and excited. The pit bull was ‘just family,’ but now a most revered and respected member of the family, as he well should be.
Kudos to Custer County Sheriff Rick Wheeler for wisely de-escalating a possible unfortunate situation for the dog and kudos to the family pit bull for being his boy’s best friend.
Is word getting out? Are dog trainers being heard? Are our first responders receiving training in reading canine body language or was this just a lucky fluke?
Whatever, it begs for further dissemination! Pass it on.
But nowhere was there a photo of the pit bull or even any pit bull! To correct this OMISSION, I have included a photo of a family pit bull (see photo of my friend Snorkle wearing his I Saved a Life bandana: Snorkle is a canine blood donor). All too often, this type of dog is reported on negatively with only stock photos and often the breed is misidentified – we need to set the record straight and put things in perspective.
Pit Bulls Rock!
2. Kudos for Creature!
Creature, a black pit bull in New Jersey proved he is better than 10 police officers, the fire department and a police helicopter. On the night of February 28, Creature located an 89-year-old woman who was lost and barefoot.
“Pit bulls never get any recognition for doing something good,” Creature’s person said. “Here’s a chance to say something good about a pit bull.”
Pit Bulls Rock!
3. Just for fun, check out the Pinups for Pitbulls page at
4. Last week I introduced Zuma the Golden out West. This week features the handsome Zuma in the snow doing what most dogs do in the grass! Scratching his back. Pure joy, eh, Zuma?
(Photos: My Pit Bull Friend, Snorkle, with His 'I Saved A Life' Bandana after Donating Blood for Canine Friends - credit, DMatteson/Golden Zuma the Snow Dog - credit, DStark)

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