Thursday, March 14, 2013

Places to Go and Things to Do, Dogwise

EverythingDogBlog #22
EverythingDogBlog: Places to Go, Things to Do, Dogwise
by Skye Anderson, MS
1. DWAA agrees with me! DWAA is the Dog Writers Association of America ( which recognizes great dog writers and photographers each February right before the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This year DWAA agrees with me on four Very Promising Books of 2012 (see last week’s blog). One DVD and two books from my A-List are also finalists for the prestigious Maxwell medallion! I guess great minds really do think alike!
2. January is National Train Your Dog Month, all month long ( brought to you by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a group of more than 6,000 dog trainers (of which I am an active one!). Click on the website for free videos and webinars and training tips, to search for a dog trainer – basically EverythingDog! Check out the calendar for free happenings to help you and your dog become a better team.
3. What are you doing the last weekend in January? Why not take the whole family to the State Fairgrounds in Timonium for the 12th annual World of Pets! ( ) It’s like an indoor carnival during the long winter. And the dock diving dogs are back! (see photo)
Are you thinking about getting a dog? (I know the kids are!)Talk to a dog rescue or animal shelter or veterinarian at the World of Pets.
From dogs to cats, ferrets to birds, gerbils to rabbits, guinea pigs to snakes and maybe even a llama!
Educational seminars, shopping for leashes and new products, fabulous food (BBQ, slurpies, cotton candy), entertainment - and all this is indoors!
A cat show and clinic, parade of dog breeds, dogs competing in agility (see photo), bird demonstrations, a petting zoo - even a rainforest exhibit. Learn how to talk to the animals or train a parrot or ask a groomer.
Friday from 2 – 8, Saturday from 10-7 and Sunday from 10-6. Go all three days! Free parking. Adults $10, kids 5-12 $5. Accessible by light rail, too.
Here are some of my great finds from last year’s World of Pets.
1. Thankful Paws, A Foodbank for Pets (
What a wonderful, heartwarming idea! Help local homeless people keep their best friends and help veterans across the country pay their veterinarian bills! Thankful Paws wants to help you keep your best friend in these trying times. Please help Thankful Paws by donating leashes, dog toys and food, bowls and blankets – new or slightly used. Thankful Paws is just a year old and a really great idea!
2. HipKlips “Smart, Sleek, Secure”
Need another pocket? HipKlips are the newest, coolest way to NOT carry a purse! The cutest, most secure way to carry dog treats, a poop bag, spare change, keys, a cell phone, A HipKlip is an external pocket that clips to any waistband and even matches your outfit. With two pockets (one open for cell phone and one zippered). I use one of mine as a treat bag - I have three HipKlips! Washable and available – I have one in a snazzy paw print design!
Created on the fly, the first 300 sold out in 2006 at one event; the next 4000 were also handsewn before the owners Allison Carmack and Audra Coldiron realized they had a smash hit on their hands for dog trainers, dog walkers, joggers, beach goers, . . . . .
3. Critter Cozy - Products for the Safety and Well-Being of Your Pet
From the Home Alone Wallet Card/Key Tag to the Cool-It Bandana for your dog, from automobile dog harnesses to The Bottom’s Up Harness for arthritic canines, from seat belts for dog crates to the Safety Turtle swimming pool alarm system for kids and pets, from the ChillyBuddy cooling jacket for humid Maryland summers to non-slip dog socks (PowerPaws) that grip linoleum and hardwood floors to self-inflatable life jackets (Critter’s Inflatable), Critter Cozy’s purpose is to provide products for the safety of our dogs. Thanks, Critter Cozy! ( Safety Turtle ( ChillyBuddy (photo on
4. 3-D Laser Photo Crystals (
A stunning etching embedded in a crystal, set on a lighted stand. Cherished gift for the dog lover! The website doesn’t do it justice.
5. Kajo (
KaJo Pets is a family-run business in Fork, Maryland, with edible frisbees and pizzas for dogs! I love these! Banana pie, anyone? (see photo)
6. Dog Artist Sara England (
Whimsical dog artist Sara England from New Market, Maryland, creates delightful dog art prints, coasters, purses and bags, Ts and totes, jewelry and jewelry boxes, glass cheese boards, and suncatchers in all dog breeds - as well as custom works of art starring your dog! Breeds from A to Z (almost), Affenpinscher to Yorkies, at least.
I can’t wait for January 25th! See you there!
(Photos: Dock diving dog makes a splash/Dog agility/Dog treats galore!)

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