Friday, March 15, 2013

Mystery Watermelon Dog Wins Big in 2012 AKC Popularity Contest

EverythingDogBlog #33
EverythingDogBlog: How Popular is Your Dog?
by Skye Anderson, MS
Top Ten
Recently, the American Kennel Club (AKC) revealed their registration numbers for 2012 and, yet again, Labrador Retrievers topped the list at number one, for more than 20 years. Labs are versatile and generally make great family dogs. Previously the most popular dog breed had been the American Cocker Spaniel. Perhaps you grew up with a Cocker in the 50s.
10. Of the 175 breeds, the Dachshund came in at number 10 - Doxey for short - and they are! This breed is named for badgers (dach in German) and dog (hund). They scent, chase and flush out badgers.
9. Number Nine is one of my favorites, the Rottie, or Rottweiler, another dog of German origin, used to pull carts and herd livestock.
8. and 7. In eighth place are the poodles, which come in various colors and sizes, followed by (or preceded by) the Boxers who have recently risen in popularity. Boxers have a unique style of playing with other dogs – they stand on their hind legs and ‘box.’ Hence, the name, I suppose.
6. and 5. The very popular Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier, comes in at number six, just beaten out by the Bulldog.
4. and 3. Fourth and third places are two breeds who were in third and fourth places, respectively, last year – the Snoopy dog Beagle, and the mystery breed, revealed in the photo by Zuma, our model. We now call him, WatermelonDog.
2. and 1. And, of course, the Lab edged out the German Shepherd Dog, another perennial favorite, for first place.
Isn’t it interesting how many of the top ten are either German or British in origin?
Up and Comers
Breeds to keep an eye on are the little Havanese, the Bull Terrier (Rufus, who won at Westminster in 2006 was a colored bull terrier) and the Staffordshire Terrier.
But I think the overall winner is the All-American dog. Don’t you agree? 
(Photo: Watermelon Dog Zuma-the-Golden-Retriever is Number Three in AKC 2012 Top Ten [but first in line for dessert!] credit: DStark)

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