Friday, December 20, 2013

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas - Day Six

These are a few of my favorite things!

EverythingDogBlog #106: Do you have a Soggy Doggy?

On the sixth day of Christmas, I contemplated what I might select for the Dog Product of the Year, 2013. It may very well be the same as the Dog Product of the Year, 2012 – the Soggy Doggy line of towels and mats which absorb five times the moisture that regular cotton towels and mats do. 
But I think it may very well be the new Soggy Doggy dog bed! You can even purchase the ‘cover’ for the 'nest' and fill it yourself with soft old towels and socks and sweats and . . . (that would keep me from sleeping on it, however).

Even the Soggy Doggy logo is so delightful that  I featured in a (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday - De-Lightful Dog Logo blog.
Maybe the Super Snoozer?
I think the Product of the Year, 2013, may very well be the new Soggy Doggy dog bed!
Now your dog can have his own soft-soft dog bed, a Super Snoozer, which may just be a slight but fantastic improvement over sleeping on the Soggy Doggy doormat, soft as that is! (I have been known to curl up on the doormat myself!)
There are also Soggy Doggy doormats for dogs to wipe off their wet, muddy and dirty paws.
There are Soggy Doggy slop mats (placemats) to place dog water bowls on, absorbing any spillage caused by your perfect pooch.
There are Soggy Doggy towels (shammies) with pockets for human hands that are simply miraculous water picker-uppers.
All Soggy Doggy products are made of microfiber chenille and come in various sizes and colors (blue, caramel, dark chocolate, beige with a contrasting bone design in oatmeal, red or brown - or, go boneless - for cat people, I suspect).
Now my dog sleeps all the time!

Tomorrow: The Bag Clipper, Not a Gadget
Disclaimer: I purchased my Soggy Doggy items for review and as gifts. Photos from the Soggy Doggy website.

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