Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas, Day Four

NOTE: The Good Dog Company is offering a 20% discount through January with free shipping in December - see The Good Dog Company hemp collar in item #4 below. Just use the code: SKYEDOG. What a deal!
"These are a few of my favorite things!"
EverythingDogBlog #104: Day Four - Stylish and Comfy Canine Collars
On the fourth day of Christmas, I put new stylish and comfy collars (each for less than $20) on my favorite dogs.
1. For active dogs like Mia the Yellow Lab, a Comfort Flex collar (see lab photo which just happens to be a Yellow Lab, too, and the green collar) is marvelously stylish, as well as functional with reflective striping to easily be seen at night. I simply love ‘my’ ComfortFlex: it is lightweight, slightly padded, and quick-drying for swimmer dogs and snow dogs alike - so light you may not even have to take it off at night. Mia the Yelllow Lab wears a red limited-slip (Martingale) collar. 
2. SpiffyDog of Colorado (970-870-6164) has a similar lightweight collar. The award-winning Air Collar (see photo below in orange) sells for about 15$ (Spiffy Dog – “Different for a Reason”). Dog owners are thrilled that it is so soft and gets only more comfortable after a year of constant use - and does not retain odors (a great feature for winterdogs, waterdogs, muddogs – in other words, any lab, golden, border collie or your dog). 
Basically Spiffies are made of the same squishy-soft yet strong, porous (breathable), lightweight material as running shoes (looks like a polypropylene water-ski tow rope but much much softer). Touted as the world’s most comfortable collar, I heartedly agree. With matching leashes – natch! The spongy ‘cloth’ is oh, so comfortably strong and designed to be quick-drying, so your water-loving dog’s skin won’t chafe, get irritated, or remain stinky after a swim. A wide variety of colors and prints gives this comfy collar a stylish side, too.
It's "the cure for the common collar"!
Hemp is New
Fairly new to the canine collar world are hemp collars. Hemp comes in corduroy and canvas and is very durable since it is the world’s longest natural fiber.
3. Very comfy are the cozy hemp collars by Planet Dog of Maine (see the Eco-friendly collars photo). These eco-friendly collars for less than $20 are machine washable and naturally dyed as well as super strong. I like the durable quick-release buckle. As Planet Dog says, “It’s what you would wear if you were a dog.” A fleece lining ensures optimal comfort for Fido if he engages in rigorous salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps or the occasional roll in the sand. (800-381-1516) 
4. We also tried the corduroy (from the French for ‘corde du roi’ – the king’s cord) collar from The Good Dog Company (“Earth-Friendly Goods for Your Best Friend!”) in Colorado.
The rust-colored collar (see the log of hemp collars) looks great on black labs and is soft, muted, washable and, of course, all natural. (Did you realize that corduroy is ridged velvet? Doesn’t your dog deserve velvet?) 
I wish I had picked up a matching soft corduroy leash while I was at it. Soft on the dogside of the collar, too, so it doesn‘t rub and create hotspots. Hemp corduroy is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and odor-absorbent!
Hannah the lab loves to smell this collar and knew it was for her right away – she is one smart doggie, no?  Get yours atwww.thegooddogcompany or 866.433.6426.
Finally Preppy
5. For your preppy pupster, preppy ‘ribbon’ styles by Preston are available in 190 different patterns in 11 categories such as boating, dog breeds, and plaids (perhaps for a Scottie?) through New England’s Agatha and Louise. My Golden Retriever has the classy Golden Retriever classic (see photo). (800-775-9429). 

Just Do It!
PS - I have decided to photograph Hannah the black lab with each of her collars including these new ones – probably a dozen or more in all. That would make a pretty good calendar, don’t you think? I think I’ll call it ‘Hannah’s Year of Collars.’ She is a real fashion plate and, as you know, black dogs look good in any color. 
(Just in case you may be considering adopting a black dog from a shelter or rescue.) 
Just do it!
Tomorrow: Lovely Leashes
Disclaimer: I purchased these items for review. Photos courtesy of the companies mentioned.

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