Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas - Day Seven: Don't Grip It. Clip It!

EverythingDogBlog #107: Day Seven - The Bag Clipper is Not a Gadget. 

On the seventh day of Christmas, I recalled the many canine gadgets I have received for review. Some are like gadget-belts that store everything from baggies to keys to phones to treats and more, but you tend to forget them when you set out to walk Rover and there are many pockets to remember to refill. Or they just get in the way. Some are gadgets that clip on to the leash, temporarily or permanently, and just get in the way. Some clip on to your arm and just get in the way.

On the First Dog Day of Christmas, I wrote about a very small pouch that Velcro’s on to your dog’s collar and holds empty poop bags. The Bag Clipper hooks on to the leash with a small Velcro loop and though it can hold empty bags, it is perfect for full bags. I hook it onto the hand-loop end of the leash.

I love, love, love the Bag Clipper. It is simple, small, light and doesn’t get in the way.

The Bag Clipper is a small, plastic bone-shaped flat "thing" that holds a bag of poop. It is easily transferrable from leash to leash but inexpensive enough to purchase several.

The Bag Clipper attaches to any dog leash (but please don't use retractible leashes) and carries the waste for you, leaving your hands free to treat Fido (because he is such a good boy!) and to carry the leash.

Check it out! And remember: Don’t Grip It – Clip It!

Tomorrow: Don't forget to gift yourself. . . .

Disclaimer: I purchased the Bag Clipper years ago. The only Web address I found currently is on Amazon here – please be cautious in opening other Websites for this product. (This first appeared on earlier today.)

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