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The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas, Day Five

EverythingDogBlog #105: Day Five - Lovely Leashes

"These are a few of my favorite things!"

On the fifth dog day of Christmas, I came to the conclusion that every good dog needs a good collar to hang dog tags on and look spiffy in, a good leash for loose-leash walking safety, and maybe even a good collar-leash combination for everyday ease or emergencies! Here are my favorite leashes (I covered collars in two previous Dog Days).
Favorite Collars
See the Second and Fourth Dog Days of Christmas. . . .
The Leash I Love, by Planet Dog of Maine (Think Globally, Act Doggedly)
My favorite leash is very very comfortable. For me and I guess also for the dog I am walking at the time – at least she doesn’t complain on walks! 
From Planet Dog, this favorite leash of mine is a 5-foot red Eco-Friendly hemp leash with a fleece-lined handle. It has lasted so long that Planet Dog changed colors on me and no longer offers red! I love the current orange, though.
Planet Dog also offers the matching collar which was featured in the Day Four blog on The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas (“yesterday”). Both are quite durable since hemp is so strong – and eco-friendly to boot!
I love the fact that collar and leash are machine washable!
Best Collar-Leash Combo, by Rocket Dog of Vermont
My favorite combination collar-leash (convertible leash) is by Rocket Dog of Vermont. I first heard about this small New England company from a fellow dog trainer in a different state who swears by her Rocket leash, purchased many years ago. And since she is a dog trainer and owns a dog day camp, the leash really gets a workout!

The convertible slip/clip lead (leash) is unique in that it has a bolt snap as well as an O-ring, so it can be used either as a standard clip lead or clipped to the O-ring for use as a slip lead. In other words, it can be a regular, traditional leash or a slip-lead (it converts from one to the other) and is often used in shelters. It is also a good idea to keep one in your car for emergency purposes in case you come across a stray dog without a collar.
I am so impressed with the Rocket leashes that I spoke about them at a shelter discussion during the annual educational conference of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers in October.
Braided polypropylene, Rocket Dog leashes are hand-made and hand-sewn (double-stitched) with leather bindings and solid brass clips. So many colors and color combinations, all striking and lovely, that you will want two, or three! I love the red/orange and orange/yellow but the black/tan would be a good choice if you have a Black and Tan (coonhound)! Made to last!
And, don’t forget, any color looks good on a black dog. (Just in case you are thinking of adopting a black dog from a shelter or rescue. Just do it!)
Rocket Dog offers woolly balls, bonker balls, couplers and different leash lengths as well as the flat and round Martingale and traditional combo leashes.
Not shown on the website but also available are the Martingale-type combo’s which I use.
Tomorrow: “Is Your Dog a Soggy Doggy?”
Disclaimer: I purchased these items for review. (Actually, I was sent the Rocket Dog leash for review and love it so much that I bought another!) (Photos courtesy of Planet Dog and Rocket Dog.) (This post first appeared on on 19 December 2013.)

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