Sunday, May 22, 2016

Book Review: Go To Sleep, Monty (dog, little boy)

Go To Sleep, Monty, by Kim Geyer (Andersen Press, 2015, 32 pp, $17.99, ages Pre-school to Kindergarten)

Read, Read, Read!

As you know, I am a huge fan of libraries and bookstores and I want each and every one of you to visit a library once a month, grab a book – any book - sit down and start reading.

I suggest starting with the children’s section. After all, we were all children once so it is easy to pretend we are selecting a book for a child, a grand, a babysitting client, a neighbor. We don’t have to admit the book is for us!

That will get you reading and soon, graduating to adult best sellers.

Go to Sleep, Monty!

. . . A delightful children’s book you can get through in just a few minutes and then get back on your way to the grocery store!

. . . Child-sized (big!) with an inviting cover illustration, inviting you to open it and love the cover dog.

Inside the front and back covers are 18 cute dog ‘photos,’ most in picture frames that invite you to look at the details and think up a story to explain upside-down pup, the pup with sunglasses, the pup with a stuffed dog of his own, . . . .

Monty’s Story

Max has always had a stuffed dog named Snuffly Poo (Snuffly Poo?) but now that Max is a big kid, he is big enough for his own real dog. So he picks out Monty and takes him home. But it’s hard to take care of a puppy who wants to roll over instead of sit, and chase a ball instead of walk nicely on a leash, and . . . .

Nighty Night, Monty

Finally, the exciting first day is over and it is time to sleep. Max puts Monty to bed, covers him and tucks him in, turns out the light and shuts the door.


But Monty is afraid. So Max brings him to bed with him, but only for tonight.


But now, Monty wants to play so Max does the usual things adults do for little boys to get them to go to sleep.


But nothing works. Not even Snuffly Poo.


But Max stumbles upon the solution. To find out what it is, you have to read the story. And you will be surprised!


I loved this book as an adult. I will read it again and again. Children make this book their own and closely identify with both Monty and Max. The illustrations create other stories and keep little ones interested. What a find!

And, P.S., yes, there is a cat in Monty’s book, too!

Caveat: DogEvals purchases products for review unless otherwise stated. This book was borrowed from the public library.

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