Tuesday, May 17, 2016

EverythingDogBlog: "Now Go and Play!" Part Two - A handy leash

The Extra Hand You Need!

I have never been a fan of waist leashes for my clients or me (and I have tried them) primarily due to the modified and static center of gravity (high) but I am smitten with the HandyLeash by EzyDog that I recently purchased after my annual professional dog trainers educational conference and trade show.

I’m in Love. . . .

I had also seen their new leash, the Handy Leash, earlier in a local independent pet supply store but thought it rather costly to try out. However, after falling in love with their smaller treat pouch (see yesterday’s blog), I sent in an order for the Handy Leash and love, love, love it. I recommend it to all my clients who need a third hand to hold the leash, the clicker, and the poop bag. (Or who, like me fell and hurt my hand, making grasping difficult for months.)

It ‘fits like a glove.’ And it’s reflective to boot.

You can add on to the Handy Leash to get just the length you like. Very versatile.

“Now go and play!” as EzyDog says.

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