Thursday, May 19, 2016

EverythingDogBlog: “Now Go and Play,” Part Four - the Cujo leash

A Leash is Just a Leash. Or, is it?

Do You Walk a Cujo?

My world has been turned upside down by a little company called EzyDog in northern Idaho, known for their high-quality, original dog items (click here to see EzyDog and the new purple).

I recently reported on the Handy Leash (“Fits like a glove”) which is so convenient for clicker trainers like my students who are just starting out and need a third hand.

Calling all Cujos!

Now, I’m sold on the Cujo leash. What a name!

It’s reflective (always handy) and has a ski-rope handle that I thought I wouldn’t like but, instead, I love! EzyDog calls it a pyramid handle.

Another feature I thought I wouldn’t like is the built-in ‘give’ – just enough embedded stretch that a just-learning client or dog who runs out the leash, doesn’t choke.

I have the middle size – 40 inches, which is just right for my dogs.

I can't wait for real summer, hot and humid, when my hands get all sweaty - I bet they won't 'slip and slide' on this ski-handle leash.

Try it. You won’t like it - you’ll love it. “Now go and play!” as they say at EzyDog

CAVEAT: DogEvals purchases products for review unless otherwise stated. In this case, the leash was donated.

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