Saturday, May 21, 2016

EverythingDogBlog: "Now Go and Play!" Part Six - your favorite key chain

I Saved the Best for Last (for Trainers and You, too)

EzyDog, the 'Now Go and Play' dog company,  even has YOU in mind, too, with a miniature ‘neo’ dog collar which actually doubles as a detachable key ring. At only $3 each, these make great graduation gifts at the finish of a family dog manners course – or a tricks class, or agility, or . . . .

Made of neoprene for waterproofability, you can afford one in every color for yourself.

I use mine every day: I have day training clients’ house keys attached to different colors on my keychain and unsnap them to attach them securely to that dog’s collar when we go on a training walk. Easy peasy!

And sometimes I just wear it one on my finger like a ring.  At home, I hang my keys by their mini-collar on a hook. What a great unique idea!

As they say at EzyDog, “Now Go and Play!”

(This concludes the EverythingDogBlog series of six blogs about EzyDog but most certainly does not even begin to touch information about all their products. Check out their catalog and the EzyDog website here. Also on Facebook and other social media.)(And, in a month or two, DogEvals will do a quick update of the leashes.)
Camo Key Chain

PS - my first order was for two of each color!

CAVEAT: DogEvals purchases products for review unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Great series of posts, Skye. Now I need to go and play, er, shop Ezy Dog!(play = shop to my way of thinking :D )
    ~the red-haired girl