Friday, May 20, 2016

EverythingDogBlog: "Now Go and Play!" Part Five - a SoftTrainer leash

Another Love of a Leash – the Soft Trainer, by EzyDog

This SoftTrainer leash has everything: a soft handle (neoprene), reflective stitching (probably on all EzyDog products – at least the ones I have seen so far – Thanks, EzyDog!), a soft traffic handle, and, EzyDog thinks of everything – an elastic lock for poop bag attaching plus a heavy duty nylon D-ring near the handle to attach keys (or whatever). The latter two features seem to be key lovelies unique to EzyDog. And I love that the metal parts are not silver but black.

And, remember, orange is the new black – but the Candy colored leash is yummy, too.

EzyDog North America items are available at Bark! (like the one in Clarksville, MD) and The Big Bad Woof (like the nearby one in Hyattsville, MD), and, being headquartered in northern Idaho where the outdoors is just another room, camouflage is a common color for leashes and collars. Camo even comes in pink, but, after 25 years in the Army, I have had enough of camo! Now, I’m ready for chocolate and candy and bubble gum and scarlet and charcoal and sky and blaze orange (after all, orange is the new black).

A recommendation from me is worthy in this case: I prefer 4- or 5-foot leashes but this SoftTrainer is a 6-footer and I still love it!

CAVEAT: DogEvals purchases products for review unless otherwise stated. In this case, the leash was donated.

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