Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Book Review: (OT) Sum It Up, Part Three

What I Learned about Life - And Coaching Women’s College Basketball from Sum It Up

I’m a few years older than Pat Summitt and my Chi Omega experience was very different in a different part of the country, a different type of college. My sport was an individual sport not a team sport like basketball but I did join the military which also trains one in leadership and teamwork.

A coach needs to successful in imparting physical skills but also must be able to bring out the best in her players and appeal to their brain, their heart and their emotions. Pat Summitt managed to do all this and more and became a motivational speaker as well.

Sum It Up is a book about Alzheimer’s, about Chi Omega, about the advent of women’s college sports, about teaching leadership and people skills.

In short, Sum It Up is a book about life. I have the utmost reverence for Pat Summitt and wish I could have met her. Lacking that, at least we are sisters.

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