Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Face-off: Dogs vs Cats

Coastal Living Dogs!

July/August 2016

In the Great Debate of Dogs vs Cats, I picked up Coastal Living and thought I might spy a dog or two since they seem to be outdoorsy types, more so than cats. (Cats might appear sitting by the fireplace or in a window seat in winter, perhaps in Vogue.)

I wasn’t wrong.

I spied a couple of golden retrievers in a boat, probably an inboard and a little human guy taking a bath with his rubber duckies (2 yellow and 1 green), a dinosaur and possibly a rubber golden-lab: I couldn’t be sure if it was a dog or a dino since his head was out of the picture.

Plenty of cottages could have been enhanced with sleeping dog or pup, but nobody asked me – yet.

However, page 97 sports a 2/3 page article on Bordeaux, the Reader Pet of the Month, sporting a flag-inspired collar. He barks for ice-cream (favors cappuccino milkshake leftovers) and helps sell bandanas, rope toys and dog beds in the summer issue. Bordeaux lives in Missouri but summers on the Carolina coast.

Lucky dog!

Wonder if he lives with a cat at home. . . .

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