Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Face-0ff: Finally! Cats 1, Dogs 0

Finally the cats have it!  Cats 1, Dogs 0

A cat finally appears in a lovely fun experiential travel magazine called AFAR, in the current issue (page 57). A woodcut or a paper-cut illustration by Julene Harrison accompanies an article on Montenegro. I almost missed it!

Do these count?

A bird on page 71 along with small drawings of a leopard, rhino and penguin. Several African large grassland mammals in the Kenyan distance on page 79 followed by a whole-page closeup of my favorite giraffe. Two zebras ‘selling’ three safaris on 87, a lizard on 93, a toucan and polar bear in the classifieds, and, on the back page, a horse and sheep. . . . and the cover.

It was worth waiting for the cat!

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