Sunday, August 28, 2016

DVD review: The Champions (the Vick dogs)

Today begins several postings about The Vick - as in Michael Vick. But mostly about his dogs. First, a new movie, then The Lost Dogs, Wallace, Saving Audie and a final wrap-up.

The Champions* (DVD produced and directed by Darcy Dennett, 2016, 90 minutes, $24.95)

Champions All, Vicktory Dogs, too

There will always be a new book or DVD out about Michael Vick’s dogs and there should be. We must never forget.

This new 90-minute feel-good movie, The Champions, is all about the dogs, as it should be - and the lives they led once the Vick nightmare was over: Jonny and Little (Red) and Cherry and Sally and Mel and Handsome Dan and Slater (and Georgia) - who ended up in San Francisco and Florida and Wyoming and New England and Utah (Best Friends) who became agility dogs and therapy dogs and just plain wonderful family dogs. Follow their post-Vick lives in this documentary.

The scenery depicted all over America is striking. The music is soothing; the stories, comforting and wishful. The documentary is Jim Gorant’s The Lost Dogs come to life, unforgettably.

Second Chances, Redemption and Hope: Prejudice, Resilience and Relationships

At first, against the power of PETA and the HSUS, history-makers including the ASPCA, one lawyer (Rebecca Huss) and some good-hearted shelter and rescue people (including groups like Bad Rap), for the first time ever, managed to turn the tide of history and save some former fighting dogs for a better life.

In many ways, the Vicktory Dogs are just good family dogs. Remember the Sports Illustrated story by Jim Gorant?

Never Forget

Once you view The Champions, you will never forget!

We must never forget.

Read more about it here: View the trailer, download the documentary, locate a screening, download the movie poster. Don’t forget.

Next: reviews of The Lost Dogs (Jim Gorant), Wallace, and Saving Audie (for children)

*now available on Netflix

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