Monday, November 18, 2019

Book Review: ABC Jazzy (dog, the alphabet - for kids)

ABC Jazzy, by Sonja McGiboney (Sonja McGiboney Publishing, 2017, $8.99 marked down to $5.39 for the holidays, 28 pages, grades K-1, ages 3 and up, available at

The letters of the alphabet have run away to hide. Where will Jazzy find them? Can you guess? Can you help her find each missing letter?

Who is Jazzy?

Jazzy is an adorable little 4-year-old rescue dog adopted as an 8-week-old pup
Puppy Jazzy
in March 2015 from Critters4u Rescue

Jazzy Looking Snazzy
in Hampton, VIrginia. (Whew! that was a mouthful!) 

Can you believe she was once the runt of the litter? Look at her now!

Now Jazzy is old enough to read!

Search and Find

Surrounded by letters on the cover (see above), Jazzy covers her eyes on the first page so the letters can run away to hide from her. Then she has to search, and she finds them in all the best places: Jazzy finds S near the stars on the steps, she finds V in front of the violin, and A in the apple barrel..

And A is for Apple

This is the longest book in the Jazzy series because there are 26 letters! Catch a preview of A, B and C here and also on Jazzy’s homepage here.

You will love helping Jazzy learn her ABC's.

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(Photo credits: Sonja McGiboney Photography,

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