Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Book Review: Counting Down Jazzy (Jazzy the dog, kids, counting backwards)

Counting Down Jazzy: What Will Jazzy Run Off With Next? by Sonja McGiboney (Sonja McGiboney Publishing, 2017, $8.99 marked down to $5.39 for the holidays, 30 pages, grades K-1, ages 3 and up, available at (see the trailer here:

Math Books are Fun

A book about subtraction: your child already knows the poem and can chime in and finish every sentence. Jazzy stars in the video reading by Grandpa ( she makes an appearance at just the right moment to sneak something that appears on the page!

Look for her tail before the tale begins!

Who is Jazzy?

Jazzy is the cute little dog whose mama dog was rescued from a shelter and two days later had nine puppies! Jazzy was the ‘littlest.’ Now she has captured the elementary age group by storm.

Jazzy Puppy
She is a typical puppy dog who thinks running off with things is fun.

Counting Backwards is Fun!

Can you see Jazzy reading in the corner? And I wonder if you can see Jazzy on every single page: you may have to look hard!

Here Jazzy is Reading One of Her Books

Betcha can’t guess the ending to the book or to the video – but they are both perfect!

Next: Jazzy Shapes

(Photo credits: Sonja McGiboney Photography,

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