Friday, November 22, 2019

Book Review: Little Red Jazzyhood (bullying, dogs)

Little Red Jazzyhood, by Sonja McGiboney (Sonja McGiboney Publishing, 2018, 28 pages, grades 2-3, ages 3 and up, $5.39 [marked down from $8.99] and available from

The Problem

Is Wolf the dog a bully or just scared inside that nobody will ever like him? Can he ever learn to make friends?

The Solution

Maybe Granny and Jazzy can help, along with some delicious bone soup that Granny makes.

Be prepared for funny faces!

What is This Face Saying?

You can read your own copy of Little Red Jazzyhood as author Sonja McGiboney reads to the real Jazzy on YouTube here (

Makes a Wonderful Bedtime Tale

And you know what? Jazzy falls asleep after

Jazzy Falls Asleep after a Great Jazzy Book
listening to her own book! It really works!

How Many Jazzy Books can You Find?

Next: The Rest of Jazzy including Jazzy Explores Smithfield, her hometown. Here is Jazzy posing for the Smithfield book and the after-pose!
Jazzy Posing

After Jazzy Posing
(Photo credits: Sonja McGiboney Photography,

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