Sunday, November 17, 2019

Book review: The Jazzy Books (kids, dog, learning-fun)

Introducing: The Jazzy Books! by Sonja McGiboney (Sonja McGoboney Publishing, 2017-2019, $8.99 [most titles on sale for the holidays at 40% off], early grades, ages 3 and up, available at

The Jazzy Books! Dog-gone Fun!

“Jazzy? What kind of a name is that?”

“Oh, a dog’s name, you say? Well, in that case, what a GREAT name for a dog!”

The Jazzy books are fun, unique, very primary ‘color-full’ and creative kid-dog books that teach numbers and colors and shapes and time and lots more for young readers ages 3-8. Jazzy is the cutest little pit-bull-type (PBT) dog that you and your kids will fall in love with right away. Photos and words by author-photographer Sonja McGiboney join to make simply the most keepable books I have seen in a long long time.

Jazzy and Friend

Three-year-olds can read the pictures as they are being read to by their 8-year-old brothers and sisters.
Meyer has Fun Reading his Jazzy Book!

Author McGiboney has created more than 10 Jazzy books. I say, ‘more than,’ because some of them cover two topics. For instance, although Jazzy Colors teaches colors with her dog Jazzy, McGiboney has paired each color with a month so Jazzy can teach the months of the year at the same time a little one learns colors. Two for the price of one, right?

“Why?” “Why Not?”

One fine day, McGiboney, a professional photographer, realized that she had too many photos of her oh-so photogenic rescue dog Jazzy, from adorable puppyhood onward,
so she had to do something with them and, with a background in early childhood education, why not let Jazzy teach youngsters to count and say their ABCs and to learn more about the wide wonderful world they live in, with the help of Man’s Best Friend, Jazzy the dog.

                                                  Can Learning be Fun?

Jazzy makes learning fun-easy and McGiboney has included pages of activities on Jazzy’s website for children to help make Jazzy come alive for them plus special learning pages for five of the books (Jazzy Shapes, Jazzy Time, Growing Up Jazzy, ABC Jazzy and Counting Down Jazzy) including word cards and even cupcakes.

And all that Jazz!

Watch Jazzy ‘dance’ here. (Well, she actually does a few tricks and then plays in the water.)

And watch her do more tricks here (she loves to show off what she can do). (

Jazzy was quite the model as a young pupster - and still is.

Added Value
Jazzy’s books have caught on quickly in elementary schools as the little four-year-old dog and her human visit area schools to demonstrate their books. And the website even features lesson plans that can be used in school, for home-schooling and just for family fun.

Order the Jazzy books at in book form or pdf. Many of them are on sale for the holidays!

Next: We review several of the Jazzy books starting with ABC Jazzy.

(Photo credits: Sonja McGiboney Photography,