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Boor Review: More Jazzy Tales (kids and dogs and learning and fun)

More Jazzy Tales (all available at

We are so excited we found the Jazzy books. She is such a photogenic little cutie pie of a pup and the stories are simply the best, for learning and for keeping. Some have surprises inside (like the ending of Counting Down Jazzy) and others include challenging puzzle-questions. We hope author-photographer Sonja McGiboney has many more books to come and we thank little Jazzy for being such a patient model. We would love to meet her. She is a very lucky dog.


Why not buy the whole series?

Here are the other Jazzy titles so far (and at the bottom are some of our favorite photos).

Growing up Jazzy
2017, 24 pages, $5.39 now, ages 3 and up, grades 1-2
Grow up with Jazzy, from eight weeks old to her first birthday. Learn the seasons and months along the journey.

Jazzy Time
2018, 28 pages, $5.39 now, ages 3 and up, grades 1-3
A day in the life of a delightful dog named Jazzy

Jazzy Explores the Library
2019, 16 pages, $5.39 now, ages 3 and up, grades 2-3
Here Jazzy discovers squirrels, but they stay put in a book!

Jazzy Explores Smithfield
2019, 26 pages, $7.19 now, ages 3 and up, grades 2-4
Jazzy shows off her hometown in Virginia, the home of the world famous Smithfield hams.

Jazzy wants to read up on Virginia, her home state

Jazzy and Friends
2019, 32 pages, $10, ages 3 and up, grades 1-3
At the dog park, Rain tells Jazzy she can’t play with one dog who doesn’t have a tail and another who has pointy ears. Read what happens on the day Rain doesn’t come to the dog park.

And, don’t forget Jazzy’s Coloring Pages!
Now you can color and keep many of the same pages you saw in the Jazzy books.

 And my ideas for new Jazzy  books:
Jazzy Helps at Home
Jazzy Loves her Family
Jazzy ‘Round the Clock (already published as Jazzy Time)

Jazzy has loved flowers since she was a wee little pupster.

And, who knows, she may just become a Library Dog!

And, just like you I bet, Jazzy loves her stuffies!

(Photo credits: Sonja McGiboney Photography,

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