Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Book Review: Jazzy Colors (dog, kids, learning colors and. . . . )

Jazzy Colors: Learn Colors with Jazzy, by Sonja McGiboney (Sonja McGiboney Publishing, 2019, $8.99 marked down to $7.19 for the holidays, 26 pages, grades 1-3, ages 3 and up, available at JazzysBooks.com) See it first here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB_i97Y5egs 

Jazzy Colors is the favorite Jazzy book at our house, hands down. Each month has its own color so your child will learn not only the colors but also the months of the year!

Jazzy Learning the Months

See Jazzy sleeping or eating, dressed up like a "queen in green" or playing on the beach with a blue ball. My favorite is May with Jazzy wearing a golden sombrero that covers all but her nose and one paw.
Peek-a-boo. Is that Jazzy under that hat?

Your child will learn when Christmas comes, and that Valentine’s Day is in the red month of February, and the month your child was born in: perhaps it is black August, yellow September or orange November.

February is for Red Noses!

You can see white January here. Hint: it’s not white for snow.

PS - I don’t think Jazzy likes dressing up very much: check out green March Jazzy and April pink bunny Jazzy in the book Jazzy Colors.

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(Photo credits: Sonja McGiboney Photography, ASmileADayPhoto.com)

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