Saturday, December 20, 2014

On The Eleventh Dog Day of Christmas, . . .

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas
Day Eleven: Pupsicles? In Winter? Yes, Ice Pups and Freezy Pups!

And Winter Warmers to Boot!

You are probably familiar with The Honest Kitchen line of wonderful and wonderfully healthy human-grade pet food products. Did you know THK makes Ice Pups and Winter Warmers (broths) for dogs who just don’t seem to drink enough water or who just want something yummy.

What to give a cold Rover when he comes in from playing in the snow – cold. Surely, not a cold drink but he may need to be rehydrated.

Ice Pups are a powder you mix with water to make ice-cube treats. Or Rover can drink it cold, over ice or warm in the winter months.

Winter Warmers are broth in three flavors: chicken consommé, beef and bone broth, and turkey stock Рmuch better than feeding your dog human consommé or chicken bouillon which contain a large amount of salt. Instead, The Honest Kitchen uses only natural ingredients.

These dog drinks have been a lifesaver for us: Mia the Lab just doesn’t drink much water compared to our other dogs (so we used to worry). Now, she does! So we don’t have to.

“Helps your pup feel warm, loved, hydrated and happy in the tummy.”

Pro Bloom

Pro Bloom is a similar product by The Honest Kitchen which is a natural supplement with probiotics and digestive enzymes from goats’ milk. Basically it contains the ‘good bacteria’ that help digestion and is especially good for puppies, seniors and dogs recovering from a stomach upset but also for any dog. Pro Bloom should be mixed warm but can be served warm or chilled. (Graphics courtesy of The Honest Kitchen)

Freezy Pups - How Cool is That?

Another great product is Freezy Pups which comes in four flavors: Juicy Apple, Sweet Potato ‘n Maple, Chicken Soup and White Cheddar Cheese. Organic and made from human-grade ingredients in the USA, they can be served as a treat or added to dry kibble to enhance the flavor. You can also purchase the small or large bone-shaped ice-cube trays from Freezy Pups. (Graphics courtesy of Freezy Pups)

Tomorrow: My Wish for You. . . . 

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