Friday, December 19, 2014

On The Tenth Dog Day of Christmas, . . . .

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas
Day Ten: Subaru Loves Dogs - Dogs Love Subaru

Subaru Rocks, Again - Just in Time for the Holidays

Being the regular reader of DogEvals that you are, no doubt you already know that Subaru Loves Dogs. We actually bought our Subaru to comfortably fit a dog crate in the back. Didn’t everyone?

“Dog tested, Dog approved” (according to the Barkleys)

In September (see link above) DogEvals wrote about how 'Subaru is for dogs.' How you can ‘decorate’ (personalize) your Sube with a paw print Lifestyle Icon (see icon on the right) and now you can get a custom T-shirt by Subaru of the same paw print! How cool is that?

Look Fetching!

You can customize your T-shirt with up to four Lifestyle Icons in the Badge of Ownership Program. Just be sure that one of the icons is a paw print or Fido will disown you!

And remember, this holiday season, Share the Love with Subaru.

Tomorrow: Ice Pups

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