Saturday, December 13, 2014

On the Fourth Dog Day of Christmas, . . . .

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas
Day Four: What's in Your DogBag?

Last year we featured dog baggie-bags that Velcro on to your dog’s collar and hold the empties – small enough that you and Fido will forget it’s there yet big enough to hold a few.

This year we are introducing you to another fashionably homemade product of Montana Precious Gold Golden Retriever Rescue: the shoulder dog-bag holds everything you need to walk the dog. 
Just sling it over your shoulder and go – there is even a special outside pocket from which you can pull pooch bags.  How handy is that? 
Orange Woof

Mine are really fashionable – yes, I have two. I use one as a purse and another on dog walks.
Brown Bones

Read more about it here.

Tomorrow: K9 PJs

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