Thursday, December 18, 2014

On the Ninth Dog Day of Christmas, . . . .

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas
Day Nine: Wrap that Bone! (Safely)

So, what are you getting your dog for Christmas this year? A bone? A ball? A squeakie? A woobie? A plush? Whatever you get him, it‘s fun watching him unwrap his presents but, is it safe for him?

"To Wrap or Not To Wrap?" That is the Question.

Whatever you get him, think about how you will wrap it and how Fido will unwrap it. If you wrap it in newspaper, the advantage is price (free) but the disadvantage is that the print may bleed onto the carpet
and your pet, to say nothing about what is in the newsprint that might not be healthy for Fido.

Never Fear, PetWrap is Here!

This year, I discovered wrapping paper with Rover in mind – a petwrap! Actually it is called Pet Party Printz, Premium Gift Wrap for Your Pet, the pet-friendly wrapping paper (founded in 2007).


Traditional gift wrap is treated with bleach and chlorine which can be harmful to pets who eat it or lick it (and what dog won’t try!). Besides that, tape is a potential choking hazard. On the other hand, the paper and ink of Pet Party Printz is pet-friendly and no tape is necessary – simply peel off the peel-and-stick ‘tape’ on the adhesive edge (trademarked Rip-n-Stick) and the wrapping paper will stick.

Designs for EveryDog

This petwrap* comes in Everyday, Birthday and Holiday designs. My favorite is Candy Cane Treats (see wrapped box above) but you may prefer Rein Dogs (look right).

So, be good to your fave Fido this year and give him a bone and a ball and a squeakie and a woobie and a plush – each wrapped safely in Pet Party Printz.

That’s a wrap!

*comes in 7 sq-ft sheets and can be ordered on the website here. Also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Made in the USA – yeah!

Tomorrow: Subaru Rocks!
(Photographs used with permission)

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