Monday, December 15, 2014

On the Sixth Dog Day of Christmas, . . . .

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas
Day Six: Enriching Eating

Slow Feeding Faves

Now that another year has passed and I have a few more food puzzles (or I should say Mia the Lab has a few more), I have slowly decided upon my favorites for various types of canines.

For example, older dogs like easier puzzles. Puppies are funny. Labs tend to use their paws to force food out when they are very hungry (always) or upend the puzzle so kibble falls out (not their original purpose).

As a human, I favor the food puzzles that are easy to clean and transport. I like the ones with fewer parts as well – like, one.

Eating Slow is Catching on.

Nina Ottosson started this craze in Sweden and it caught on quickly in the UK and the States, as well as all over the canine world. Her first puzzles were made of pressed board but now there are plastic, easy to clean, colorful versions that are of varying difficulty. Some even can now be of varying difficulty all by themselves. Here is one I just don't think my dogs will 'get' but then i don't have a Border Collie! You can move the colored pieces around to make it harder.

Other companies have caught on, too, and produce their versions. I still favor the Maze but I also like the miniGreen. Northmate, who makes the Green, has several fun videos on its webpage. We are getting used to the Green!
Grazing on the Green

The Maze by the makers of the original BusterCube comes in three colors (three shades of grey, actually – dark gray, light gray and black) and may still be my fave. It looks like a labyrinth but Maze is a better name!
Dogs love it when it is filled with kibble. One client even told me it slowed down his dog’s gulping so much that he had time to finish his dinner before his dog finished hers! Fun!

Other Slo-Bowls

Created by the BusterCube folks, the Maze is an original but now Kyjen has joined in with products such as the Flower, the Coral, and the Drop - in summer orange, mulberry and Caribbean blue - and in two sizes. It could be expensive if you can’t make up your mind which color or shape!

Read more about it here.

Tomorrow: Broken Bones!


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