Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On the First Dog Day of Christmas, . . .

The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas
Day One: Is Your Doggy Soggy? Do You Have a Muddy Buddy?

Bones or Paw Prints - Your Choice

The Soggy Doggy products, super soft and absorbent, have been my Product of the Year for the last two years. Now they have come out with towels in cranberry (red) and in evergreen (green), just in time for Chirstmas. I need both!

Doormats with or without bones in blue, beige, caramel and dark chocolate (bones in oatmeal, bone and red)(about $40)
Slopmats in beige, caramel and dark chocolate (about $22)

(Super) Shammies (dog drying towels) in blue, beige and dark chocolate (about $20)

Super Snoozers (dog beds) in beige and dark chocolate (about $85)

And new this year - Slobber Swabbers (to clean car windows) in blue (about $6)

Muddy Buddy: A Water, Dirt and Mud Trapper

Or try the MuddyBuddy products at  I love the Muddy Buddy Paw Mat in chocolate, beige and navy, as well as the Muddy Buddy Dog Mop, a towel with pockets for your hands!

Read more about it:

Tomorrow: Pet Portraits

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