Sunday, October 23, 2016

Book Review: You Wouldn't Want to Live without Poop! (poop, even dog poop)

You Wouldn’t Want To Live Without Poop by Alex Woolf (Salariya Book Company, $8.42 paperback, 32 pages, 2016, 8-17 years!)

Everything you always wanted to know about poop, but were afraid to ask! Here it is – all of it. And more. Facts so fascinating you won’t believe them. And yes, even dog poop. (After all, this is a dog blog.)

‘Twas the Title That Done It!

I must admit, it was the title that reached out and grabbed me. What a perfect book for a young boy of any age to read over the summer or during winter vacation - sort of like Wikipedia for kids, one book at a time. Maybe this series is the new encyclopedia of science and history.

I ended up spending a Saturday afternoon in my local public library going through the entire series of probably 87 books, 4 at a time. Was my bum ever numb!

I’ll bet your son will bring this book to the dinner table!


Inside the front cover is a timeline of poop and inside the back cover is information about the poop bus, plus some questions. The poop book also contains an index and glossary, to satisfy teachers who catch their students reading “all about poop.”

You’ll learn about the poop cycle and how animals use poop. (“Really?” says Mom.)

You’ll learn how poop makes us healthy. (“Gross!” says Sister.)

You’ll learn what happens to poop and what we can make from poop. (“Johnny! Not at the table!” says Dad.)

Poop can make you sick. Poop can make you healthy. Poop can help your doctor make a diagnosis. And now we even have fecal implants – yuck!

What it Looks Like

The book, not poop!

Poop has plenty of colorful, intricate illustrations, illustrating the dangers of dog poop and cat poop, for instance. Thank goodness the dung beetle and housefly eat poop or we would be swimming in it! And would you believe the leaf beetle makes his house out of his poop – you can call it his “dungalow”. . . .

The poop book is chockfull of facts that are somehow not boring. Maybe it is the illustrations or perhaps just the subject matter.

Poop Power

Would you believe burning ‘cow pies’ can be green? Then why is poop brown?

And dried poop has no smell? And a cow produces 150 pounds of it daily, more than your average elephant?

And some people even buy worm poop? (I must admit that I did, in the form of worm castings, to fertilize my plants. Got the castings at Greenfest in April at my local College.)

There are even bags of poop on the Moon, left by Apollo astronauts – just in case we run out down here on Earth, I presume.

You Can’t Live Without Poop is a fun picture book with just enough words to get your kids reading. !t worked for this kid!

Read more about it. Some of the other titles in this series include the following:

You Wouldn’t Want to Live without Books/Toilets/Electricity/Clean Water/Extreme Weather/Cell Phones/Antibiotics/Money/Bacteria/the Internet/Fire/Computers/ Insects/Vaccinations/Writing/Dentists/Plastic/Pain/Sleep/

You Wouldn’t Want to Work on Hoover Dam

You Wouldn’t Want to be Married to Henry VIII, Be Sick in the Sixteenth Century, Be a Medieval Knight

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