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EverythingDogBlog: Dog Camp, The Movie

Dog Camp, A Dogumentary: People Rescuing Dogs, Dogs Rescuing People, directed by Paul Kim (Goodfriend Media, 2016, 53 minutes, $20 donation, Blu-ray or On-demand at

Dog Camp, The Movie

Dog Heaven

Imagine being surrounded by nearly 400 golden retrievers swimming, running, jumping, diving, turning upside down asking for a belly rub. Who could resist this golden heaven?

Goldstock is a summer camp in northeastern Pennsylvania that you can attend every Labor Day weekend, even without a Golden: there are plenty to go around!
My roommates one summer

You can now live and relive summer camp with the Goldens all year long with Dog Camp The Movie. Fifty-four minutes of “golden love” – and summer fun that never ends!

Imagine summer camp from a dog’s point of view, including dogs wearing a Go-Pro so you can see what they see, through a dog’s eyes but fast, because dogs are fast when having fun.

Dog Beach and Golden Gloves Baseball Games with Dogs
Swimmer Pup

“I like the smell of a wet dog,” said one camp kid.

Now, more and more kids are coming to Goldstock - camp as it should be.

But many of these kids are very special and the dogs know it. Marty has been driving her adopted boys from Ohio to Pennsylvania for “Golden Camp” many years now: we have watched them grow up – and now the kids play Golden Gloves Baseball with the dogs, and wear matching T-shirts! Marty’s boys help promote the Sweetest Dog Contest, help sell raffle tickets and, in the movie, interview special adult campers - do an excellent job.

The Spirit of Goldstock

Discards, disposable dogs no more. Instead, Canine Olympics, dock diving, RVs, the memorable candle ceremony paying tribute to those we have lost, golf carts to navigate the hill down to the lake, chillin’ with your golden on the porch of your cabin. . . .

Dogs, some rescued themselves, raise money to save other dogs and have a blast doing so.

Listen carefully to the lessons the dogs teach. “We rescue each other.” (Gail Lustig)

Fun and rescue – what a combination. Smile at Nugget-the-dog’s stuffed dog
A dog with his dog
or Moose-the-Golden’s stuffed tiger - as big as he is!

Meet campers, now friends, from Canada and England and Arizona and California and Florida and Montana, and Pennsylvania, of course.

No Movie Could Tell it All

There’s just too much to Goldstock to fit in one dogumentary: silent and live auctions, Yappy Hour, grooming for rescue, the retired teacher with five Goldens and a little camper, Riley the golden who worked on 911 at the World Trade Center and who attended Goldstock the following year, senior dog and rescued dog parades, ‘sleeping with dogs’ in a comfy cabin, rescue booths selling T-shirts and brownies, Tom Mosser and Golden Lucas conducting a painting class* – seminars on nutrition, freestyle (dancing with dogs), canine massage, dog agility – you can do as much or as little as you like.
Riley, 911 Hero

Tom Mosser and Golden Lucas, Supervising an Art Class

Art Class
But first, to whet your appetite even more, you have to watch the dogumentary (all proceeds to go to the rescue groups attending Goldstock in 2015 – and to Marty and her boys).

Watch the trailer here.

See you next summer at camp!

* Artists at work

Voila! The Final Product!
Lucas looking at Lucas
The Beginning

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