Wednesday, October 12, 2016

EverythingDogBlog: Teach a Dog a Trick! It's Easy When You Know How

You and Your Dog – A Magic Combination

Have you always wanted to be a magician? Now you can be! You and your dog, that is.

Fun, Easy, Positive

Tricks classes are fun and easy. And remember, it’s all tricks – even Sit.

Have fun and take the pressure off you and your dog. Do you know how easy it is to teach your dog to open or close a door? Or how much fun to teach a Paws-Up (on a chair or the back of the sofa or on a bed) which is a handy skill for therapy dogs?

Tricks classes use positive reinforcement training methods for rapid learning and to teach your dog how to learn and offer new behaviors - some that will surprise you.

Books, DVDs, Classes

A book can teach you to teach your dog tricks. So can a DVD but the easiest and most fun way is to take a class.  Learn how awesome your trick dog can be and join in the fun watching other dogs catch on.

Read More About ItOriole Dog Training Club in nearby Halethorpe, Maryland [(410) 565-6651]  is offering another Tricks for Treats class for you and your dog, starting in November on Tuesday nights. At the end of 4 weeks, your dog can learn enough tricks for a title, Novice Trick Dog! Tricks like Sit and Down and Commando Crawl and Open a Door and Jump through a Hula Hoop and Say Your Prayers and more. Join the fun. Oriole even has a class that teaches all the skills you want your dog to have (sit, come, down, loose-leash walking, stay and more) using tricks.

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