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Friday Face-off in Real Simple Magazine: Dogs vs Cats

Friday Face-Off: Dogs vs Cats in Real Simple (November 2016)
November's Real Simple

(We at DogEvals like Real Simple so much that we may pit dogs against cats in Real Simple every month! And in Sunset, too!)

P 48 – Cute dirty dog with cute dirty kid (OxyClean)
P 69 – Golden and cat for Purina Beyond Natural Pet Food
P 101 – black and white Border Collie smiling for Milk-Bone GoodMorning Daily Vitamin Treats
P 111 – Cat for Rachael Ray’s Nutrish
P 119 – Cat selling Purina ONE
(not exactly pets, but animals on page150. Article about sleep habits with 4 types of people and how they sleep – drawings of a lion, a bear, a dolphin and a wolf to illustrate the 4 types of sleep)

P 118 – finally, a pet not selling anything! A white dog with brown ears (Foxhound?), sitting on a chair in front of a whole roasted turkey with an American flag hanging in the background. The article is titled “Your Vet Will See You Now.”

And, being the November issue, lots of turkeys throughout the magazine.

Final score: Close – Dogs, 4; Cats, 3


DogEvals – another Oops!

There are four writers/reviewers at DogEvals and we have to laugh sometimes at our bloopers. Here is (almost) one that we want to share with you, Dear Reader. This is a Friday Face-off of Real Simple magazine – one we not only forgot we scrutinized for the eternal competition between dogs and cats but also one we forgot about! So the magazine cover is not included – we forgot which issue but it is not the current one anyway. We voted and decided to include these statistics anyway, since the dogs won!

Real Simple?

I remember when Real Simple first came out – I loved it. I still do. But it has become high-end.

I still remember the best advice I ever got was from Real Simple: you only need three sets of sheets per bed – one, on the bed; one, in the linen closet (as if I had a linen closet!); and one in the dirty laundry. You also only need three sweatshirts, according to Real Simple. But I’m a dog trainer! I need more!

Back to the subject of dogs and cats in magazines. Real Simple has hit the jackpot so far!

Three dogs sell clothing from Talbots – two are JRTs and one is a pocketbook Bichon.

I love the editor’s page: she always has a photo of her with her black lab. Lucky dog!

As for cats, there is one on a cooler (p. 32 – New Uses for Old Things).

A cat is peeking into a bag of Rachel Ray’s Nutrish AND the side of the bag is clear: one can look into a fishbowl catfood bag. How creative but only it you stop to really look at the advertisement will you be rewarded.

Purely Fancy Feast and treats earned more than a page with a pristine white cat, blue eyes and pink nose. Another page, towards the end of the issue, uses 4 cats to sell Fancy Feast Medley (does that count as 4 cats or just one since they are all on the same page?).

Would you believe Synthroid, a prescription med, showed off a gorgeous young yellow lab (sigh!).

Dogs are for life and Iams shows a puppy and senior photo of the same dog. Iams – Good for Life. Turn the page over and you see items for the first day of kindergarten including letter cards: A is for Apple, B is for Butterfly, C is for Cat and D is for Dog.

Purina is the equal-opportunity pet food with white silhouettes of both a dog and a cat (chicken and fish).

And, finally,
The Border Collie was shy. Not so, the Golden!
an adorable black and white border collie says, “A dog day starts with a good morning.” Milk Bone makes Good Morning vitamin treats using red and white in a plastic jar shaped like an old bottle of milk. Tastes like a treat, works like a vitamin. Three different formulations are shown including the border collie’s Total Wellness and a golden retriever’s Healthy Joints.

Total score for this unknown month: 
Dogs 14, Cats 10. Dogs rule!
October issue

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