Saturday, October 29, 2016

Friday/Saturday Face-Off: Wine Spectator Revisited for Dogs and Cats

Revisiting Friday Face-off in Wine Spectator
Sample Covers of Wine Spectator

 DogEvals did not want to leave Wine Spectator without giving them a second chance for a dog or a cat, so we took a quick look at another issue, November 15, 2016, the 40th Anniversary issue, with an added bonus of the very first issue (40 years ago) included.

It was a good thing we did!

We saw two dogs inside this very slick, oversized, jam-packed 288-page issue. A photo of the editor/publisher includes his granddog. Page 92 shows two swans and on page 117 we again see a vintner with her dog, perhaps a PBGV.

Bonterra organic vineyards’ ad has part of a beehive with bees, but that’s about it for a grand total of Dogs 2, Cats 0. Sorry, cats.

PS – did you know that Sting, Angelina and Brad, Greg Norman, Yao Ming, Sam Neill, Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson, Ernie Els, and teetotaler Donald Trump all had vineyards? I loved “Wineries of the Rich and Famous.”

I also enjoyed the Gallery of Covers and marveled at full-page photos of just one bottle of wine or just one wine glass.

And I do need to mention that many of my friends and clients are "winers": as a matter of fact, one couple names all their dogs after wines. They had a Beringer which I come across every once in a while, and then a Blackstone yellow lab, and a Meridian yellow lab, and . . . . 

For fun, check out Working Dog Winery in New Jersey,
and, on an island in Washington, Spoiled Dog Winery.

*PBGV – Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

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