Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Face-off: Dogs vs Cats in Wine Spectator Magazine

Dogs vs Cats in Wine Spectator Magazine (November 2016)
Sample covers of Wine Spectator
Here at DogEvals we expected to see some dogs and cats in advertisements or articles about wine. Perhaps a lab or golden accompanying his people down the rows of grapes in a California vineyars, perhaps a white Persian cat lying by the fireplace in the lap of a woman in a long gown. . . .

Wine Spectator?

Did you even know there is a magazine called Wine Spectator? Or that it’s been around for 40 years? I didn’t. But then I don’t drink wine. But, for those of you who do, read on. You may even consider yourself a wine connoisseur*.

Wine and Dogs, Dogs and Wine (but not wine in dogs!)

A lot of my Facebook friends share wine “cartoons” so I know they will be interested in Wine Spectator, and, since all my friends are dog friends (some even have cats!), they will be knocking down doors to read this blog and see who wins – the dogs or the cats.

The Competition and the Final Score

DogEvals scrutinized the November 20, 2016 issue Wine Spectator (price: $6.99 and oversized with gorgeous full page photos of vineyards around the world, and glasses and bottles of wines, of course).

But alas and alack. We spied nary a dog, nary a cat. How could this be? Don’t advertisers know the power of a pet?

It appears not.

However, DogEvals did learn about two other magazines that might be promising: Whisky Advocate and Cigar Aficionado. (However, we may never run across these titles so we may have to depend on you, Dear Reader.)

And, yes, “There’s an app for that!”

Read more about it: click here! And, check out DogEvals tomorrow, too, for more on Dogs and Wine (or Cats and Wine!)

*Have you heard of the Wine Spectator School? Did you know you can take a class in wines? Did you know wine tasters don’t swallow? Did you know wines have ratings and there is a Top Ten? Did you know there are red wines, white wines, and sparkling wines? If you like wine, you may know all this but it was new to me!

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